December Letter from The President

A Message from the President

December is here and it is hard to imagine that 2012 is drawing to a close. This has been
a year with many challenges and successes. I appreciate all the support and assistance
club members have shown as we deal with these issues. Speaking of successes we have
three new prospective members expressing interest in joining the club. Two attended the
Speed Dating Event. So that was a success for us. We will have a follow-up meeting with
the other service clubs to see where we go from here. Thanks to all of you who helped
with that function.

We need to have mentors to help new members feel a part of the fellowship of
Exchange and find out about all we do and become active members. If you are
interested in becoming a mentor please let me know. There are three new female
members and two male members so the opportunities are there to make a difference for
new members.

December is becoming a busy month. We have the Christmas Party and Charles and
Cynthia Bryan’s home on December 13th. There will be no meeting that date. We will
send a sign-up sheet around to indicate if you are attending and what dishes you will
bring. Please plan to attend. These events are always a fun time. We are trying to line
up a choral group to sing for us at our December 20th meeting. When we get a group
lined up we will let you know. This is a great time to bring a spouse or friend to enjoy this
Holiday Event.

Bob Deaton and Marylin Hoblitt are co chairing the respite meals program at the
Parenting Place. We are doing Mondays and Wednesdays during the month of
December so please sign up. Teresa says there are 15 new families signing up for respite
meals. This is an initial contact for the Parenting Place and prospective clients so
anything we can do to help them make that long term connection with the Parenting
Place will be appreciated. Respite meals can be a big step in this first contact. A big
thank you to Bob and Marylin.

National is promoting a membership sign up incentive that will allow three months of
deferred dues for new members that sign up after January 1st. If you know of any one
that is interested please let me know and I will get you the details of the program. We
have had two folks sign up for this program at our November 29 meeting.

We are collecting food and $ for Franklin School to help the homeless families with much
needed assistance. Bring food to the meetings or the Christmas Party and I will see that it
gets to Jaime.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Larry Anderson

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