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January Letter from The President

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Happy New Year to all and welcome to an exciting 2013. I hope you all had a joyous
and rewarding Holiday season.

We have been busy as a Board dealing with issues of fundraising, member
involvement and moving our club into the future. We have rearranged our committee-
make up to provide an umbrella committee that will have smaller subcommittees. All
board members have agreed to become ad hoc members of a new committee. While
they will not necessarily act as chairs, they will report back to the board on committee
activities, review planning and fundraising progress and keep the Board aware of
major club programs. We feel this will provide continuity for the committees and help
the club leaders in carrying out important club activities that we all support and further
the pillars of Exchange. We are also asking members to sign up for a committee as
part of the membership obligation of the club. We all joined the club because we felt
that the activities of Exchange were important and this is a way of insuring that we
all support those activities through our members’ participation. This approach has
worked well in other clubs and we think it will work well here too. Many of our long
term members have served on many committees and held many club offices and
that experience will help many newer members as they take on more responsibility in
carrying out club activities.

We are also instituting a mentoring program where club members volunteer to help
newer members feel at home and become acquainted with all the facets of this club.
Many folks have said that they felt it took them several years to fully understand all
the Missoula Exchange Club does in the community. We hope this and a formal new
member orientation will keep new members active and involved.

We will explain this in more detail at an informational meeting to be held during our first
club meeting in February, but I want you to have a heads up and I would appreciate
your feedback on this new effort. We will also discuss new fundraising ideas and
strategies at our February meeting on the 7th. I am excited about the work the Board
has done on these important issues and I hope you will be pleased as well.


Larry Anderson