Donation Warehouse

A little bit about this project: For three years we have held a garage sale in April. Two years ago a member suggested selling some of the larger items on Craigslist. For the past two years we have accepted donations of appliances, furniture, exercise equipment and other things (even cars, boats, motorcycles).We cleaned, fixed and sold on craigslist and eBay with great results. We received more money for items, had income 12 months a year and a new source of funding for our programs. And, the garage sale by itself doubled in revenue last year. This was a direct result of being able to collect items year round which increased our inventory of garage sale items. This past December we contracted with Mark Rathbun to take over the collection and sales of larger items project. Mark and Laci started their business, Donation Warehouse that specializes in recycling and liquidating used appliances, furniture and much more. This fundraiser has been gifted to The Missoula Exchange Club’s “Child Abuse Prevention Center,” The Paraenting Place.  This funding goes directly to help support our Child Abuse Prevention program.

Items we take:
Appliances, furniture, exercise equipment and other things (even cars, boats, motorcycles)!

Please call Mark or Laci at 240-4042 to set up a time to drop off your donated goods or to schedule a pickup of goods. All donations are much appreciated and go to making our community a better place to live. Donations are Tax Deductible.